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Or read on to learn how to Work From Home in Washington DC.

This page outlines ten ways to earn money working from home. All it takes is an idea, a computer, internet access, and in most cases, a small financial investment.

1. Become an Online Retailer.

Many of today's entrepreneurs make good money from home (or from anywhere) selling goods and services on major websites like ebay, etsy, craigslist, and Amazon, among others.

Online sellers based in Washington DC tend to buy inventory from online sources, since Washington DC is centrally located, making shipping less expensive.  

However, home business retailers also purchase products for resale at yard sales, flea markets, thrift stores, local surplus wholesalers, and factory outlet stores.  

Go here to see Factory Outlet Malls Listed by State.

Major discount factory outlets in and around Washington DC include Bowie Town Center in Bowie Maryland, Hagerstown Outlets in Hagerstown Maryland, and Leesburg Corner Premium Outlets in Leesburg Virginia, to name just a few.

2. Scan Craigslist.

Visit the "Jobs" and "Gigs" sections of craigslist at least once a day.

Simply go to craigslist.org and click on JOBS (or GIGS) in and around Washington DC.  Look for all feasible options.

If you like, you can check the box that says Telecommute and hit Enter.  

Apply for all jobs you believe you can do well.  

Always include a concise, well written, error-free cover letter and a Professional Resume.

You can also search employment in other areas, especially if you are telecommuting. The key to success in finding steady work on craigslist is consistency, and dedication to finding the Business Opportunity From Home that works best for those of us living in Washington DC.

3. Contact Big Businesses. 

Large companies have a steadily increasing number of work-from-home positions available. Among the most common telecommutable jobs that don't require special skills are phone reception, sales calls, product promotion, data entry, and research.

DC residents might also try political campaigning or survey work.

Here are the 10 largest employers in Washington DC:

MedStar Health

Inova Health System

Northrup Grumman

Science Applications International


Booz Allen Hamilton

Marriott International


Lockheed Martin

4. Build a Website.

Probably the most important way to cultivate any of the 10 Best Home Based Business Startups is to build your own website. A well written, well constructed, well researched, Search Engine Optimized (SEO) website encourages visitor traffic and earns money from ads.

It's best to learn how to build your own website, but if you do decide to hire someone, do a quick Google background check on the person or the company you plan on hiring. But keep in mind that this method is not foolproof.  Really, it's best just to learn how to do it yourself.

More 10 Best Home Based Business Ideas

5. Freelance. Becoming a local independent contractor is a popular work-from-home idea with a wealth of variations.

There exist quite a few in-demand services requiring minimal skills.

Here are the 10 Best Home Based Business Ideas in Washington DC.

Political Consulting

Administrative Services

Business Planning

Website Design

Internet Research

At-home Childcare

At-Home Elder care

Dog Walking / Pet Sitting

Housework / Yard Work / Gardening

After School Workshops

Advertise your skills and services on craigslist, ebay, and your own website (You did build one, right?), as well as social networks, blogs, forums, and any other places online you can think of.

Offline, you can still increase your chances of success by posting physical signs on community bulletin boards, or joining local community groups to help with networking.

No matter which of the 10 Best Home Based Business Ideas you choose, consistency is the key to success.

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