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When economists talk about The Cost of Living by State, they are usually referring to how much it costs to live in one state, as compared to how much it costs to live in another state.

Necessities like food, housing, utilities and transportation expenses are all considered when actuaries perform Cost of Living calculations.

The numbers shown below indicate a state's ranking, as compared to other states, in terms of cost of living (COL) during the second quarter of 2013. Lower numbers are better for cost of living.

The cost of living is generally measured in terms of the average price paid for housing, utilities, groceries, healthcare, transportation, and miscellaneous expenses.

The data shown below was compiled from collected stats found in the Federal Cost of Living Index, at the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and on various official economic websites pertaining to each individual state.

For the purpose of understanding this type of list, the national average cost of living is fixed at 100.

You can't tell exactly how much it costs to live somewhere, but you can see how much states deviate from the national average, and from each other.

States are listed alphabetically on this page.

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Cost of Living by State

STATE           COL (Q2-2013)

ALABAMA                 92.4

ALASKA                  131.1

ARIZONA                100.8

ARKANSAS               91.0

CALIFORNIA            128.6

COLORADO                99.7

CONNECTICUT         133.8

DELAWARE               106.9

FLORIDA                    97.8

GEORGIA                    92

HAWAII                    161.7

IDAHO                       89.4

ILLINOIS                    94.9

INDIANA                    90

IOWA                         91.3

KANSAS                     91.8

KENTUCKY                  90.1

LOUISIANA                 94.2

MAINE                       109.0

MARYLAND                 122.3


MICHIGAN                  94.4

MINNESOTA                100.9

MISSISSIPPI               88.7

MISSOURI                   92.9

MONTANA                    98.4

NEBRASKA                   88.9

NEVADA                       94.9

NEW HAMPSHIRE         120.2

NEW JERSEY                129.5

NEW MEXICO                92.5

NEW YORK                   134.5

NORTH CAROLINA          95.6

NORTH DAKOTA             99.7

OHIO                            92.3

OKLAHOMA                    90.0

OREGON                       106.9

PENNSYLVANIA             101.1

RHODE ISLAND             125.8

SOUTH CAROLINA           95.0

SOUTH DAKOTA              99.7

TENNESSEE                    89.7

TEXAS                            91.4

UTAH                              93.0

VERMONT                       118.3

VIRGINIA                        95.9

WASHINGTON                 101.6

WEST VIRGINIA               96.6

WISCONSIN                     95.1

WYOMING                        99.5

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