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Above: Image from a public domain Dictionary of Flowers - American Beauty Red Rose, the official National flower of the United States of America.

Scroll down for a complete list of flowers representing all fifty states. They are arranged alphabetically by state, some with photos.

Shown in the photo above is the American Beauty. It's beautiful appearance has inspired countless artists to create music, poetry, movies and other works of art in its name.

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All images shown here were borrowed from public domain, unless otherwise noted.

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Here's a list of states, along with the type of flower officially designated to symbolized each state.

Dictionary of Flowers by State


ALABAMA - Camellia

ALASKA - Forget-me-not

Above: A tangle of Forget-Me-Nots during summer in Alaska.

ARIZONA - Saguaro Cactus blossom

ARKANSAS - Apple blossom

CALIFORNIA - California poppy

Above: Butterscotch and Flame Orange are the typically vibrant colors of the California Poppy.

COLORADO - Columbine

CONNECTICUT - Mountain laurel

DELAWARE - Peach blossom

FLORIDA - Orange blossom

GEORGIA - Cherokee rose

Above: Cherokee Roses bloom in southern Georgia.

HAWAII - Hibiscus

IDAHO - Syringa (Mock orange)

ILLINOIS - Purple violet

Above: The Illinois Purple Violet was a favored muse of Vincent Van Gogh.

Image credit:


IOWA - Wild Prairie rose

KANSAS-   Sunflower

Above: A field of blossoming Sunflowers in central Kansas.

KENTUCKY - Goldenrod

LOUISIANA - Magnolia

MAINE - White pine cone & tassel

MARYLAND - Black-Eyed Susan

Above: A cluster of Black Eyed Susans somewhere in Maryland.

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MICHIGAN - Apple blossom

MINNESOTA - Pink and white lady’s slipper


MISSOURI - Hawthorn

Above: The Hawthorn flower thrives in Missouri.

MONTANA - Bitterroot

NEBRASKA - Goldenrod

NEVADA - Sagebrush

NEW HAMPSHIRE - Purple lilac


NEW MEXICO - Yucca flower

Above: The Yucca, a strange and beautiful flowering plant commonly found in New Mexico


NORTH CAROLINA - Flowering dogwood

NORTH DAKOTA - Wild Prairie rose

OHIO - Scarlet carnation

OKLAHOMA - Mistletoe

OREGON - Oregon grape

PENNSYLVANIA - Mountain laurel


SOUTH CAROLINA - Yellow jessamine

SOUTH DAKOTA - Pasque flower


TEXAS - Bluebonnet

UTAH - Sego lily

Above: The Sego Lily adds a welcome splash of color to any desert landscape.

VERMONT - Red clover

VIRGINIA - Flowering dogwood

WASHINGTON - Pink rhododendron

WEST VIRGINIA - Rhododendron

WISCONSIN - Wood violet

WYOMING - Indian paintbrush

Above: The Indian Paintbrush, commonly found in Wyoming and in almost any Dictionary of Flowers. The flower is so named because the early Lakota-Sioux sometimes dipped these flowers in pigment to create painted artwork.

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