Printable Word Searches

Shown here is a free printable puzzle of the word search variety. This one contains the names of twenty-seven states and ten U.S. cities.

Using the list below, can you find and circle all of the words hidden in this grid?

Words that appear in this puzzle may be spelled out in any direction - forward, backward, upward, downward, or diagonally - but always in a straight line.

Word search, also known as a word find, word seek, word sleuth, wonder word or mystery word puzzle, is a wildly popular educational tool for kids.

Word searches for younger children tend to feature short, common, randomly chosen words. Solving these can improve spelling and vocabulary.

However, most puzzles of this kind have a coherent theme (such as sports, music, history, pop culture, etc.). Ideally, each hidden word fits the puzzle's overall theme.

Word search puzzles are solved primarily with pencil and paper. However, some versions of the game are designed for digital transmission, as in iPhone Apps or text messaging games.

Word search puzzles appear in many different forms. One variation is the "snaking puzzle," in which the words bend at a ninety-degree angle. Another is the poetry puzzle, in which the found words form a poem. Some word search puzzles even have secret messages hidden within them.

The word search puzzle was first published in America in 1968 by Norman E. Gibat from Norman, Oklahoma.

To print this puzzle, just right click on the puzzle image and select SAVE from the drop-down menu. This will save the image to your picture file for future use. Then print it from your picture file and start solving.

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