Six Flags Georgia and Other Local Attractions

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Six Flags Georgia

Above: An aerial view of Six Flags Georgia near Austell, located about fifty miles northwest of Atlanta.

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Scroll down for a prime collection of alluring images and fast facts about the state of Georgia. 

The U.S. state of Georgia is home to 62 state parks, countless wilderness trails and many beautiful beaches, not to mention exciting metro areas like Atlanta. 

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Pictured Above: A luxury home with stone siding in Sandy Springs, a wealthy suburb outside of Atlanta, not far from Six Flags Georgia.

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Fast Facts About Georgia

1. Georgia's official state flower is the Cherokee Rose.

2. Georgia's official state tree is the Live Oak.

3. Georgia's official state bird is the Brown Thrasher.

4. The ten largest cities in Georgia (by population size) are Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Savannah, Athens, Sandy Springs, Roswell, Macon, Johns Creek and Albany, in that order.

5. The state of Georgia was established as the last of the original Thirteen Colonies back in 1732.

6. Native American Indian Tribes from Georgia include Cherokee and Creek.

Above: A tiny storybook house in Blairsville, located about ten miles south of the Tennessee border.

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The state of Georgia is divided into nine geographical regions:

Atlanta Metro

Classic South

Georgia Coast

Historic Heartland

Historic High Country

Magnolia Midlands

Northeast Georgia Mountains

Plantation Trace

Presidential Pathways

Above: The Montaluce Winery outside of Atlanta.

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Below: The Okefenokee Swamp.

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Above: A typically magnificent Georgia pecan grove.

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Above: A fragrant field of ripe Vidalia Onions.

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Above: A quaint Savannah neighborhood awash in sun and shadow.

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Above: The city of Savannah.

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Above: The brilliantly carved Stone Mountain is one of Georgia's most popular tourist attractions.

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Above: The popular active senior community of Smoky Springs.

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