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Below you'll find cakes, pies, St Patricks Day recipes, and other American dessert favorites.

All of these dishes are standard variations of some of America's most popular recipes. Why so popular? Because all the recipes listed here are inexpensive, easily prepared, and entirely delicious. Just remember - these are sweets, so moderation is key.

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ANGEL FOOD CAKE - a light type of sponge cake made with egg whites.

APPLE CRISP - a dessert consisting of tangy baked apples topped with a crispy crust.

BLACK FOREST CAKE - a dessert made from several layers of chocolate cake with whipped cream and cherries between each layer. The cake is decorated with whipped cream, maraschino cherries, and chocolate shavings.

DIRT CAKE - any of a number of cake recipes that use Oreos, chocolate pudding and other ingredients to create desserts that look like dirt.

More St Patricks Day Recipes

Crème Brûlée - a sweet dessert made with warm custard underneath a burnt crispy topping.

GOOEY BUTTER CAKE - a recipe made popular in St. Louis Missouri.

ITALIAN CREAM CAKE - a deliciously creamy creation.

KEY LIME PIE - a dish made from a mild lime variety found only in the Florida Keys.

LEMON MERINGUE PIE - a pie featuring a sweet smooth lemony filling topped with lighter-than-air meringue.

LEMON POUND CAKE - especially good when made with buttermilk.


- A rich, deep red chocolate cake creation with sweet creamy icing.

ST PATRICKS DAY RECIPES - Three great green party recipes.

Want more Green?  Try This.

STRAWBERRY CAKE - the individual shortcake variety.

YELLOW CAKE - Basic party cake recipe. Just add icing.




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